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Coming Soon – Shadows of Leonardo

My next book, Shadows of Leonardo, will be the sequel to The Last Van Gogh.

Adam Barrow and Phillip Dansby return to search for the truth about newly discovered drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. Adam stumbles onto a long-lost 16th century book that creates doubt and confusion. Are the works real?

And is there another da Vinci treasure, one that disappeared during the Holocaust? When the book’s owner is murdered and the volume disappears, Adam remains the only obstacle standing in the way of dealers and wealthy collectors who stand to make millions.

A new woman appears in Adam’s quest for the truth. But is she an ally or enemy? As death finds its way into the deepening mystery, the astounding beauty of da Vinci’s work becomes enmeshed in a tangle of murder and greed.

Projected release date is in early 2020. Check back for updates.

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