Shadows of Leonardo is the sequel to The Last Van Gogh and again features Adam Barrow as he seeks the truth about newly discovered work that is purportedly the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

At a New York auction, an old man disrupts the bidding for one of the drawings, claiming he possesses an ancient book proving the work was not rendered by da Vinci.  Instructed by his wealthy mentor, Phillip Dansby, to bid on the drawing, Adam befriends the protestor and finds himself drawn into three murders and a web of deceit and treachery. With hundreds of millions of dollars in the balance, an unexpected World War Two mystery places his life in the balance.

Here’s a short excerpt:


“It is not the work of Leonardo!”

The old man ripped the illustration from the auction catalog, wadded it up and tossed the ball into the aisle. He rose to his feet before I could grab him, heads swiveling in our direction.

“You cannot do this!” he shouted. “This is not da Vinci!”

Before I could move, one of the uniformed security men reached past me and grabbed the old man’s coat sleeve. Another heavyset guard edged down the row and pulled him into the aisle.

“You are wrong, all of you!”

Chairs fell over as the auctioneer banged his gavel, and the guards hustled their captive up the aisle. On stage, two employees clustered around the easel, guarding the da Vinci.

I don’t know why I followed the trio out of the salesroom. If I missed the da Vinci, Dansby would demand my head, but I didn’t like seeing the old fellow roughly handled. Excusing myself, I bumped past people and caught up as the guards frog-marched him into the lobby. I reached them just as a staff member opened the exit door.

“Hey, hold on! He’s with me.”

The guards stopped and faced me. Their captive sagged against them as I tried to ignore the automatics on their hips.


            The manuscript now rests in my publisher’s hands, due for release on December 10!