ott_book_raven“A Season for Ravens”

Writing on and off for six years, I completed A Season for Ravens in 2014. An historical mystery, it draws on a lifelong fascination of the period and an extensive personal library. The book became a true labor of love and was named by “Reader Views” as one of their top three Historical Fictions works for 2014-2015, also garnering good reviews.  Click here for their review.

Set in the First World War, it centers around three young American, British, and German flyers, each from vastly different backgrounds and facing personal demons where the average lifespan at the front is three weeks.  Madness, fear and survival combine to bring them it to a final conflict that’s only resolved two decades later.

    ” …Rings with authenticity…’A Season for Ravens’ is told in a rich writing style…” Peter Kilduff, Book Editor, Over the Front Journal.

The author’s grasp of World War One aviation creates compelling characters who are true to their time.”  Preston Russell, M.D., author of “Lights of Madness

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“The Savannah Betrayals”

My next novel, “The Savannah Betrayals,” is nearing completion and should be in print by year-end, 2016. A mystery set in 1836, it draws heavily on my knowledge of Savannah, plus hours of detailed research into America of the 1800’s.

“Jesse Caine’s life is shattered when his ailing father is jailed for a million dollar fraud. Deserted by his Shawnee mother, shunned by friends, and facing a hostile city, he must uncover the perpetrators. Confronted by Randall Tyree, Savannah’s premier duelist and co-conspirator of the swindle, Jesse endures the scandal of his mother’s desertion and his half-breed heritage.

Desperate, he turns to Samuel Cohen, an ex-boxer and the city’s most esteemed attorney. Cohen sends him to Boston to solicit help from Elizabeth Pendleton, a beautiful but crippled expert in the controversial science of early handwriting analysis. She travels to Savannah where she and Jesse fall in love, but are thwarted by Tyree and betrayal of those closest to them as they try to free his father.”

The story unfolds in rich detail as Jesse and Elizabeth attempt to uncover the truth that endangers their lives and everyone close to them. Rich in characters and a sense of the time and city, my hope is readers will have new doors to Savannah’s past opened to them.

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